We run guided hunts only out of pit blinds with bilge pumps on private property. You will be dropped off at the blind by boat or UTV, so there is no need for waders or walking. We recommend wearing knee boots in case it’s wet and to dress for the weather. Other than that you just need to bring your guns, ammo, licenses, and a dark cap.

All of our guides have years of experience and capable dogs. Some of them hunt out of large decoy spreads (up to 1000) and move their decoys around and add or take away from their spread as the season goes on. Some of the guides hunt in areas which are hunted less frequently and use smaller spreads which are picked up each day.

Some of our hunting locations are in the marsh and accessible by a combination of boat rides from a public boat ramp. A few more of the marsh ponds are accessed by a combination of a UTV and a boat. And the rest are accessed by a UTV driving right up to the blind itself.

We lease approximately 8,000 acres and have about 1,500 acres of designated rest areas which are never hunted. We have 12 hunting locations that we can hunt but will only hunt them all on the opening weeekends. About half of our ponds are in the marsh and the rest are in naturally vegetated fallow fields to the north. All of our property is connected and we are surrounded on all sided by the local wildlife refuge which are keys to our success.